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About Us

Hello! Nice to meet you, we are Petite Jolie.

A young brand: young of age, spirit, team, consumers, feeling, opinions, and tastes. Our goal has always been and will continue being to bring more inspiration, color and fun to our consumer's lives.

In fact, we don't have just consumers. We have fans, we have friends. We love to interact and learn more about them on the social networks where they are. We are not just connected. We are super connected.

We are attentive, connected and we seek to be always well informed about what our fans like, want, and desire. We grew up with and on the internet and we think the power of this tool to make it possible for us to connect so easily is amazing

It is by means of our shoes, purses and accessories that we turn these researches and dialogues into reality and into particular deliveries that will make so many girls more beautiful and happier. This makes us an intense and real brand.

This also makes us very close and similar to our fans with certain and exact doses of sweetness, charisma, attitude, expression, and mainly a dynamic and modern brand.

Petite Jolie is part of the Aniger Group, a company with over 20 years of experience that focuses on providing comfort, quality and technical rigor to keep the success of its brands. In addition to the administrative center located in Rio Grande do Sul, the production takes place in Ceará.
Welcome to our world!