Petite&Jolie :: bybye!

It's only an Au revoir

Been cool, all that but now, we must move on...

Oh noez :{

Most people from petite&jolie are still active, making music or illustrations, so I suggest you google their names and keep on supporting them, they are all nice persons who enjoy feedbacks as much as I do.

Our past releases

Here are the 9 releases of petite&jolie, we hope you will keep on enjoying them.

kaneel - Here is a heart so you can remember how much I hate you
cover artwork
Christmas V.A.
cover artwork
Valzi - I Nvr <3 U
cover artwork
Julian Winter - L'art pour l'art
cover artwork
Pam - Ah!
cover artwork
Risch - Missing monsters
cover artwork
kaneel - La pink note
cover artwork
El zoológico - The Jungle & The Aquarium
cover artwork
Pantoufle Tagada
cover artwork

All in all

Thanks to them (alphabetical order, sorry if I forgot you)

  • Aerotone
  • Anaïs
  • Benoit Richard
  • Cedric Nimrod
  • Chroniques électroniques
  • Copy/pasters
  • Downloaders
  • Felix Petrescu
  • Ludovic Villain
  • Maxime Flashbacker
  • Oirparacreer
  • Petite&Jolie contributors
  • Thierry Massard
  • Vincent Fugère
  • Yamanotedreams

Special thanks to

  • The guy who nearly insulted myself because our links were down for a moment and he didn't have time to waste into downloading things that don't work but had time to write to us to tell us wasn't always working.
  • The other guy who insulted myself because it was not "pro" enough according to him so he had to tell us we were not pro because he was pro and so he thought that people who were not pro enough shouldn't have the right to post things on the internet.
  • Those who take songs from others and send them to myself so I release them...

See you all later...